Customized enterprise management system.

Manage your business from one place quickly and efficiently

With Infinity ERP, you can cost-effectively build your company’s digital environment, whether you’re an SME or a large enterprise.

Why choose Infinity?

Cloud-based operation

No need for a dedicated server

The system can be used without a licence

High level of security

Cost-effective operation

Unlimited number of users for free

License, server and administrator cost savings

Reducing administrative time


Flexible connectivity with other systems

Sending and receiving data

Web interface connection

Fleet management

GPS-based vehicle tracking

Google-based route calculation

Toll calculation

Complete ERP system

Step-by-step modular construction

Fully customisable

Hatékony, rövid reakcióidejű vállalatvezetés

NAV compliance

NAV Online Account link


Road register

Interware Zrt.

Parking Kft.

Dotroll Kft.

Bull Magyarország Kft.

Bravophone Kft.

Kincstárház Kft.

Rightphone Kft.

Kupon Portfólió Kft.

E.R.T Hungary Kft.

Bravotel Üzletházak Kft.

Icorner Kft.

Pomocargo Kft.

Htech Autó Kft.


Eminus Adriatic d.o.o.

Gavstore Ltd.

Radio Taxi


Zöld Terasz Kft.

Bravostore d.o.o

IBS Germany GmbH.

G-Com Kft.

SmartDigital Kft.

SmartLock Kft.

We give more than integrated erp software

Our case management system services


Business audit

A business without efficient processes cannot grow sustainably.

We therefore first review your company's operations to recommend the right scalable ERP solution for you.


Cloud-based ERP implementation

After the audit, we will customise your case management system, digitise your processes and transfer your existing data.

This will reduce administrative work and non-productive working time.


Support services

Infinity ORC helps you to see the gaps as an external observer and make recommendations that can be incorporated immediately.

Software is the tool and our services are are the engines of your growth.


Management software development

The way to truly customise your ERP system is to continuously develop it and adapt it to your needs and expectations.

Therefore, our cooperation will last as long as you want your company to run efficiently.


Financial services

Review of previous years of companies

Checking the accounts, reconciling them with the general ledger, checking compliance with accounting and tax legislation

In case of discrepancies, we will advise you on how to correct them for the accounts and tax returns

Tax optimisation

Advice on costs eligible under the law

Application management


Business & accounting advice

Accounting services

  • Full accounting service
  • Payroll services
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Re-entry of previous years as agreed

Administrative advice

We provide advice to help our partners manage their business and optimise the use of their resources. On request, we can even partner with you to implement quality assurance systems.

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Communication with UNAS Webshop

Available in English and German

Functions in the Infinity system


NAV incoming invoice management

The new NAV interface allows us to display invoices issued to us in Infinity. Invoices retrieved from NAV can now be translated into vendor invoices by the system and do not need to be manually entered. Another advantage of this function is that we can check the invoices issued to us in real time and then administer them.


Digital document management, HR function

This module development is designed to accompany the entire recruitment process electronically. The process starts with the electronic collection of employee data, continues with the e-signing of the employment contract and ends with the generation of payroll data and the management of the attendance record.


Default interest and recovery costs

Infinity offers the possibility to manage interest on late payments and recovery costs. The system is designed according to EU standards.


Credit and loan management

Management of corporate loans and credits in accordance with current legislation, interest calculation, CASHFLOW planning.


Create a product group

For products, you can create a bundle that includes several products and these bundles will also appear in the webshop via the UNAS attachment.


UNAS webshop integration

Infinity-UNAS webshop integration

Infinity enables full product and webshop communication through the UNAS interface. The functionality requires a UNAS subscription


Credit line

The possibility to manage credit lines for partners.


Certificate of completion

Issuing a certificate of completion, then invoicing and sending it by e-mail. With this new functionality it is possible to implement the complete invoicing and confirmation process electronically.


Periodic account

Automatic invoicing, which allows you to pre-record the invoices due each month, week or year. The system will issue the invoice within the set deadline and send it to the partners by e-mail, together with the attachments. This way, you can be sure that nothing will be left unbilled.


IT Works Fund

An e-worksheet for IT companies that can be filled in on a tablet, signed, invoiced and emailed instantly.

Structure of the Infinity system

Document management, authorisation
Service and logistics
Register of Routes

A customisable home page is displayed when logging into the system, where the company manager or employees can see an information dashboard according to their rights.

The Office module contains the main functions of the system that are necessary for everyday use. Here you will find, among others:

  • Evidence lists
  • Transactions
  • Bank operations
  • Cashier operations
  • Partner management

The finance module is used to view the company’s cash flows, to record credit and to initiate receivables management.

  • Settlements
  • Default interest
  • Interest communicator
  • Compensations
  • Credit administration
  • Equalizer
  • Transfer lines

The module helps your business manage its warehouse and inventory. Main elements:

  • Item maintenance
  • Warehouse management
  • Bulk pricing
  • Price list creation
  • Loyalty card management
  • Inventory, culling
  • Product categories

Offer and order management

The system allows you to manage customer orders through supplier orders and to issue quotations and invoices from them. The system also allows you to link these documents to the CRM module.

Here you can create an invoice or generate a receipt. The system supports multiple invoicing methods, including compliance with Hungarian, German and Irish fiscalisation rules.

Infinity manages the proofs of completion and from them the invoicing on a one-off or even recurring basis, and also supports the electronic sending of these documents.

The HR module is where employees are recorded and attendance sheets are created. Every day, employees have to administer their arrival and departure, they can request leave and record their sick leave. These documents may be reviewed by the supervisor and he/she may decide to reject or accept them.

  • Electronic employment contract management
  • Employee documents
  • Payroll documents
  • Electronic document archiving
  • Leave records
  • Patient paperwork management

The essence of the module is the storage and archiving of documents in the system or uploaded to it. Within the function, it is possible to create document authorisation protocols, with the help of which the documents produced by the system can only be recorded and sent with the authorisation of the manager, based on certain criteria.

The module provides event tracking. All CRM events can be linked to an order, a quotation, an invoice, and thus a complete sales process can be built on top of it.

The module can be used to record products that have been sent for servicing. A worksheet is attached to the products and the repair phases can be recorded. It can be used to manage both in-house and outsourced servicing. The parameters can be extended and defined as required. The module allows the management of worksheets.

  • Fault type recording
  • Manufacturer recording
  • Service partner recording
  • Service customer recording
  • Recording of delivered accessories

To fully use this function, a special module is required in the vehicle, which sends the coordinates to the system at certain intervals. The coordinates sent are also displayed visually and can be imported into an excel file.

  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Reduction of the risk of abuse
  • Accounting for the use of private vehicles
  • Avoid NAV fines

The transport module is one of the special modules of the system. Thanks to its parameterisation, the system allows you to perform both your own tasks and those of a freight forwarder via the administration system.

  • Recording of own and external means of transport
  • Recording the maintenance of transport equipment
  • Administration of air, rail, road and sea transport
  • Invoicing from waybills
  • Attaching documents to transport assignments

The riporting module is probably one of the most important tools for managers to get an overview of the company’s finances, assets and results.

The reporting module can be flexibly parameterized and extended as needed. The reports can be downloaded in xls, pdf format or, for easier management of daily reports, they can be accessed without downloading, using a so-called insight.

  • Financial reports
  • Stock reports
  • Sales reports
  • Analytics

Simple. Cost effective. Infinity.

Use our calculator to work out how much our case management system will cost your company. Click on the appropriate button in the top menu to see the modules and new features. Prices are indicative and do not include VAT.

We can give you an exact quote after our free survey.
The system can be purchased as a lump sum or in monthly packages. Choose the package that suits you and ask for a free demonstration!

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About us

ORC Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing custom software development services to businesses.

The culmination of this was embodied in the Infinity ERP system, which quickly spread. Its mission is to provide companies with scalable and infinitely customisable digital solutions.

Infinity is available in English and German, with local support in Ireland and Germany, allowing companies to use it in multiple countries.

Our developers are made up of highly skilled professionals and project managers who can help you determine the best course of action.

With our team, we provide a full range of services from resource creation through IT development to day-to-day operations.

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